The Netherlands in 26 iconic objects (book)

Edition 18 May 2017

An intimate portrait of The Netherlands through the objects that surround us in everyday life What do objects such as the stroopwafel, the beer bike and the sandwich say about the Dutch? And why are bicycles so incredibly popular in The Netherlands? It’s a given fact that we didn’t invent the cheese slicer. But why is it that whenever the Dutch parliament debates about cutting budgets and making austerity measures, there is always someone suggesting to use our ‘cheese slicer method’ – meaning that every department should make a few cuts here and there.

The Dutch didn’t come up with the idea of the biscuit tin either. However, their strict management over its contents is nonetheless very Dutch. Hospitable and generous as Dutch hosts are, there are limits to these traits. The Netherlands offers an ‘objective’ self-portrait and both a unique as well as a provocative (self) reflection of The Netherlands

The Netherlands in 26 iconic objects
ISBN 978- 94-6003-090-1
Edited by Wim Brands and Jeroen van Kan
€ 17,50