The most peacful Dutch walking routes, perfect for to relax

Has walking become your favourite activity? Hiking is the perfect way to discover an environment, clear your head and stay fit. Here we suggest the ultimate top 10 hiking routes in the Netherlands where you can find some real peace and quiet.

  1. Boswachterspad Kootwijk

Distance: 18 km| Level: intermediate
This is an ideal route to discover National Park De Hoge Veluwe along peacefully winding paths. Boswachterij Kootwijk is located in the middle of the Veluwe and offers one of the most beautiful routes in the area. Get lost among Douglas firs, junipers and oak forests. Because it is so quiet here, you can encounter deer or wild boars, or maybe even a wolf.

  1. Nature reserves De Muy and De Slufter on Texel

Distance: 10,5 km | Level: intermediate
Want to get some fresh air on one of the beautiful Dutch islands? Texel is a wonderful choice! No other walk is comparable to this route in the De Muy and De Slufter nature reserves. Here you brave steep dunes and trek across meadows and salt marshes. Wander around for hours and encounter many rare birds along the way. The flowers and plants that grow here can withstand the salt water, so you will also see beautiful lilac and purple colors in the summer.Put on your windbreaker and go.

  1. Around the Naardermeer

Distance: 17,1 km | Level: intermediate
If you are looking for a combination of nature and tranquility, look no further than the relaxing oasis of the Naardermeer. There will be lots of water around you, from the polder landscape to the meadows and swamp forest.There are viewpoints and an observation hut, from which you can spot otters and the rare purple heron. If you still have energy after this long walk, visit Muiderslot castle.

  1. Kampina and Oisterwijkse Vennen

Distance: 15,4 km | Level: easy
In this fairytale-like landscape near Oisterwijk you will come across many secret discoveries. Enjoy the beautiful sandy landscape with forests, grasslands and valleys. This walk offers great views and you may encounter rare plant and animal species. The route is great to walk with the whole family, but you can also enjoy this nature reserve by bike.

  1. Around the Wylerbergmeer

Distance: 11,9 km | Level: intermediate
This is a beautiful nature walk with the occasional steep climb. Every hill opens up a new surprising view. The route runs past the Africa Museum, over the Duivelsberg and around the Wylerbergmeer. Take your binoculars to spot animals and birds along the route. Nearby Nijmegen is also worth a visit.

  1. Circle through the Maasduinen

Distance: 16,4 km | Level: easy
On this long but easy walk you will get to know the Maasduinen National Park in detail. Make sure you wear good shoes to help you get through the dirt roads. Enjoy the peace and quiet around the Reindersmeer and discover the kingfisher that lives here. The walk runs over a semi-paved road and a footbridge through river dunes, heathlands and mixed forests.

  1. Erfgooiersbos circular

Distance: 7,7 km | Level: easy
Long, long ago, the Erfgooiersbos was just a heathland area; in the mid-1940s the pine forest was planted and grew into the forest you see today. Now, the province of Utrecht is one of the greenest provinces in the Netherlands. Enjoy a wonderfully quiet walk between the deciduous trees and lose yourself in nature.

  1. Gerendal circular

Distance: 13,2 km | Level: intermediate
Expect to get sore muscles when walking through the hilly Limburg landscape. You go up and down a lot more here than in the northern provinces. On the way you will encounter a varied landscape with many chapels and culinary delicacies along the way. There are salamanders and badgers to be spotted here, so pack your walking shoes and curiosity in your backpack!

  1. Linge route

Distance: 16,6 km | Level: easy
This route leads you along the beautiful river Linge, the longest river in the Netherlands. You will find that it is a perfect place to spend a day. The walk takes you over meandering dikes and rich orchards, alternating with historic villages. You can make a nice stop at the ‘orchard of the Netherlands’ to pick your own fruit for the road.

  1. Mastbos Breda

Distance: 10 km | Level: easy
The Mastbos is known for its wealth of flora, fauna and history. This walk will not disappoint you. It’s like going back in time and walking through an ancient forest with open beech avenues and coniferous forests. In this 500-year-old forest south of Breda you may encounter deer, foxes and owls.

Written by Holidu