Bynco, the easy way of buying a used car in the Netherlands

New in the Netherlands and in need of a car? Please visit and we will help you out with all your questions. Buy your car immediately, and it will be delivered to your home – without stress.

Buying a pre-owned car made easy for expats
At Bynco, we understand that moving to a new country is exciting, and sorting everything out can also be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to buying a car.

Bynco is the first web shop where you buy a pre-owned car 100% online, in the comfort of your new home. Our website doesn’t refer you to car dealers and we use an independent third-party bank account to make sure your money is safely transferred when you order a car.

You want the car, not the worries
Do you find buying a used car stressful? Not with Bynco. Because we offer a 100% guarantee on any purchase related risk. Prior to delivery, during the independent purchase inspection, we check whether the car company has finished your car according to the strict quality protocol. Should something be amiss, we will solve this immediately in our workshop, free of charge. After that, we will determine the next steps together. This ensures that you buy a quality car rather than a bad buy.

Thus, we relieve you of all purchase risks. After all, we are your safety net: before, during and after the purchase of your car. We are your guarantors, as we are the only independent party that has your best interest at heart and take full responsibility for your purchase.

The benefits of Bynco 

  • 12 months BOVAG warranty
  • 000 km maintenance-free; we’ll pay all your maintenance costs
  • The delivery package of the car company is included
  • Purchase inspection before delivery
  • Not happy? You can return your car within 14 days, free of charge

We only work together with reliable car companies
Before a car company is allowed to display its offer on Bynco and become an official Bynco partner, the company undergoes a partner screening. This entails us checking the offer in terms of price and quality. We screen each car company beforehand to assess its track record, and all companies are obliged to sign the Bynco quality protocol.

Once a partner is affiliated with us, we continuously check that the agreements made are met. Prior to delivery of your car, we double-check to make sure the partner has delivered the car as advertised and according to our quality standards. If the company repeatedly fails to honour our agreements, we will end the partnership.

Buying a pre-owned car online via Bynco is as safe and easy as making a purchase with any other web shop, so why not reach out to us?

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