Restore your balance with Body & Mind classes at Caesar

Breathe in and breathe out. You’re healing your body with every breath you take. Close your eyes and lift your arms up. You’re deepening the connection with yourself with every conscious movement you do. As the time passes, you sense the clouds in your mind disappearing. This is what it’s like to take the time to rest with Body & Mind classes at Caesar. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of these classes.

Take a moment for yourself
The Body & Mind studio at Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort offers a safe space to return to, whenever you need to restore and uphold your balance. The spaciousness and tranquillity allow you to really listen to your body. If you have a lot on your mind due to a busy schedule or life events, that’s when you need to take a moment for yourself the most. Let go of what’s weighing you down and switch to a slower pace where you can consciously experience enjoyment. At Caesar, you can do so by following pilates, yoga or meditation classes.

Unlimited access to Body & Mind classes
With a membership at Caesar, you can join Body & Mind classes unlimitedly. Whether your focus is on building strength or on more relaxed exercises, there’s a wide range of classes that can fit all of your needs. You’ll be able to improve different aspects of your well-being with classes focused on strength, flexibility and mindfulness. You’ll uncover a new layer of fun with every class you participate in. As a member you’re free to join any of the classes, on a daily basis. This helps you to develop a weekly routine that works best for you.

Gain more knowledge about yourself
Go on a self-explorative journey to learn more about yourself and how your body works. This enjoyable learning experience allows you to connect with like-minded members along the way, for a fun exchange. The knowledgeable instructors will teach you more about the different styles of yoga and give you tools to refine your technique and adjust exercises to your capabilities. This way, your personal interests are honoured during every class. Let your curiosity be your guide and discover what each Body & Mind class has in store for you.

Get to know Caesar
Come try the Body & Mind classes with a day pass for only €39,95. A day pass will grant you access to all facilities of Caesar, including fitness and wellness.

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