Lifestyle as Medicine: In Conversation with lifestyle doctor Maartje van Doormaal

In today’s world, where healthcare systems are predominantly focused on curing diseases, Maartje van Doormaal stands out as a beacon of preventive care and healthy living. As an experienced general practitioner and lifestyle expert affiliated with Prescan, Maartje integrates her comprehensive educational background from the renowned universities of Rotterdam and Utrecht with practical insights gained during her tenure in Switzerland. Her mission is clear: to pivot the healthcare conversation from disease treatment to proactive lifestyle management, thus preventing lifestyle-related illnesses before they arise.

A holistic approach to health
“True health transcends the mere absence of disease,” Maartje begins, emphasizing her career-long commitment to promoting this broader understanding of wellbeing. She champions a holistic health perspective, empowering individuals to assume responsibility for their own health through informed decisions, lifestyle modifications, and consistent self-care practices. Through engaging dialogues, tailored advice, and enlightening insights into the principles of healthy living, Maartje aims to illuminate the path to sustained wellness for her clients.

Her passion for preventive healthcare was ignited and nurtured in Switzerland, a nation where the synergy between medical care and preventive strategies significantly enhances overall public health. “The Swiss healthcare model afforded me the invaluable opportunity to dedicate time and resources to deeply understand my patients’ needs and guide them towards healthier lifestyle choices” Maartje reflects.

The power of preventive measures
At the helm of the Bewust Vitaal program by Prescan, Maartje spearheads an initiative that embodies her preventive healthcare philosophy. This program invites clients to undergo comprehensive health assessments and engage in in-depth conversations about their results. “Our program transcends the traditional focus on diagnostics; we delve into the narrative behind each individual’s health data, exploring the implications for their life and collaborating on strategies for a healthier future,” Maartje explains.

She firmly believes that preventive measures not only ward off diseases but also significantly enhance one’s quality of life. “A vast array of health complications can be averted or mitigated through better lifestyle choices,” she asserts. According to Maartje, the journey towards improved health begins with awareness and education—knowing what changes to make and understanding why those changes are beneficial.

Success stories: the impact of lifestyle changes
The transformational stories of individuals who have successfully revitalized their health and lifestyle under Maartje’s guidance serve as a testament to the effectiveness of her approach. “It’s astonishing to witness the impact of minor lifestyle adjustments. These success stories serve as a powerful motivation for others to take charge of their health,” she shares, highlighting the inspirational aspect of her work.

The Bewust Vitaal program at Prescan, stands as a prime opportunity for anyone eager to embark on a journey towards better health. The programme offers a holistic overview of one’s health status through advanced devices such as body composition measurement and fibroscan combined with blood tests. All this is coupled with personalised advice for making sustainable lifestyle improvements. “We invite you to discover how, with our support, you can enhance your health and lifestyle. Small, mindful changes can lead to significant, lasting improvements,” Maartje encourages.

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