Winford Bilingual

Who are Winford Bilingual?
We are a primary school offering Dutch and English bilingual education for children aged 4-12, located in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Plans are underway to open another bilingual location in The Hague next year.

Students are encouraged to be curious, independent, and to develop a love for learning and language.

What do we offer?
We are proud to be the only total immersion, dual-language primary school programme in The Netherlands. Both languages are taught equally – that means 50/50.

How does it work?
Our teaching methods are unique, with one Dutch speaking and one English speaking teacher per class. Both teachers give lessons simultaneously throughout the school day. During core subject lessons, the class is split into two sections. Half of the class will have a lesson with the Dutch teacher, and the other half will have a different lesson with the English teacher. After the lessons have finished, the children will switch to the other teacher and language. This happens consistently throughout the day, ensuring the children get used to translating fluidly.

Who is it for?
Children of families who are staying in the Netherlands longer term. This includes students who do not speak Dutch and/or English.

Flexible holidays
We offer a flexible holiday system so you can choose when to take your school holidays. We do not follow the regular Dutch school holidays.

How do we differ from international schools?
We are a private B3 Dutch school, offering bilingual education. We follow the Dutch national curriculum, the UK national curriculum, and the International Primary Curriculum. Children who have been with us longer term are fully bilingual. This gives them many options for Dutch and English speaking secondary schools.

We are part of the Winford School group/AcaMedia group
The Winford School Group (Winford College) launched Winford Bilingual Amsterdam in 2019. Winford School Group has been running for many years and offers private Dutch primary and secondary education in many cities throughout the Netherlands. Winford Bilingual was the “flagship” bilingual school. In 2023 we joined AcadeMedia, Northern Europe’s largest education company with operations in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

Marc Peters, Managing Director of Winford Bilingual, feels strongly about bilingual education and would love more bilingual schools in the Netherlands. ‘The long-cherished dream of offering bilingual education is catching on, with a concept that is close to our hearts. With this we offer children from the age of four the opportunity to immerse themselves in bilingual education and the associated cultural experience.’

Get to know us better
We would love to offer you a personal tour. Please visit our website for a tour request form or email