Exhibition Restless Matter in Cobra Museum (exhibition)

Edition 28 June 2018

Do stones have feelings? Do tree branches have an inner world? Can paint think? The subject of Restless Matter, and the New Materialism- discourse it refers to, is connected to one of today’s most relevant debates about the future of our world: how will humanity be able to manage its devastating impact on our planet, in a world in which technology increasingly dominates social and economic relations? This question begs thinkers, scientists and artists to look into alternative scenarios for our relationship to matter and objects, and look beyond the horizon of human presence on earth. The world of things Within the New Materialism discours, the emphasis lies on an emancipated thinking of matter, and the world of things is not presented as inanimate and passive, but as an active, dynamic world where things can act and have freedom of choice. Referring to, among other things, the climate crisis and developments in mobile network technology and artifi cial intelligence, contemporary artists and thinkers emphasize the urgency of this emancipatory perspective – a reconsideration of the relationship between man and matter. The Cobra Museum believes that the specifi c CoBrA perspective on the – now ubiquitous – phenomenon of New Materialism can yield crucial new insights into this subject.

The exhibition Restless Matter can be seen from June 9 until September 23 at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.

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