De Vuursche Boer

Edition 28 June 2018, by Paola Westbeek

Situated in Lage Vuursche, a charming village nestled in the province of Utrecht (and home to Drakensteyn Castle, residence of Princess Beatrix), is pancake restaurant De Vuursche Boer. The restaurant has been delighting young and old since 1959 and is the perfect place to recharge after a walk through the beautiful surroundings. The drive there alone, past a long and shadowy road lined with tall trees, is magical. It truly feels as though you’re pleasantly cruising through a fairytale, especially come autumn when the leaves colour with warm shades of red and gold.

The menu features traditional sweet pancakes topped with fruit, sugar, syrup or jam as well as savoury varieties with ham, cheese or bacon. There are also specials such as the Japanese pancake (a vegetarian’s delight with seitan, carrots, bell peppers, garden cress and soy sauce; the Oud Hollandse (Old Dutch) pancake with apple compote and whipped cream; the Pannenkoek van Oranje (Royal Pancake) with fresh fruit, orange bavarois and raspberry sauce; or the house pancake (‘Vuursche Boer’) topped with tuna, leeks, sliced tomato, garlic, chilli powder and cheese. Each table has a pitcher of syrup (yes, you read correctly!), should you want to add an extra touch of sweetness to your pancake. Not in the mood for a pancake? De Vuursche Boer’s menu also features cakes, sandwiches, soups and uitsmijters (a lunchtime favourite consisting of bread topped with ham and/or cheese and fried eggs). In the summer, you may also be tempted to pop by and treat yourself to an ice cream with a little ‘kick’. Try the Boerenjongens (vanilla ice cream with rum-soaked raisins) or the Advocaat (with a good drizzle of thick Dutch eggnog).

Though on a sunny day the inviting terrace seems the perfect spot to indulge in these nostalgic Dutch flavours, you’ll also want to step inside and feast your eyes on the old-fashioned decor with red-andwhite checkered tablecloths, walls displaying old photographs and plenty of copper kitchenware. If you’re craving a good pancake or just an afternoon of Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ with the family, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Dorpsstraat 34-36, Lage Vuursche
Open daily from 10:00 – 19:30hrs