Optimist international school scores great evaluation and new location

Edition 31 October 2019

Optimist International School had it’s fi rst offi cial evaluation by the Inspectorate of Education which shows the team is very much on the right track. The public international primary school has recently moved to a new location in Hoofddorp where they can continue their growth. Since the opening in January 2018, Optimist International School (OIS) has welcomed more than 175 pupils from 24 nationalities. The Inspectorate of Education qualifi ed the school with a score of two times ‘Good’ for quality assurance and quality culture. In this case ‘Good’ means that they saw a great quality of education, above and beyond the regulations enshrined in law. Anne-Marie van Holst – Director of Optimist International School – “The inspectorate called our school ‘a true pearl within international education!’ They complimented us with reaching this level of education as a relatively new school. I consider this a result that refl ects the hard work by our team over the past one-an-a-half year, it defi nitely exceeds our expectations.”

Year with festivities for all pupils and their parents.

The new location, found in cooperation with the municipality, offers availability in all groups, allowing the growing expat community in the Amsterdam metropolitan area a place for international primary education. “We are very excited to have moved to our new location where we are able to accommodate more pupils. We have plenty of room for collaboration between groups, extra working places, and enough space for our children to be active” says Anne-Marie.

W: optimist-international-school.nl