Wanderlust 2019

Let curiosity be your guide

When: 26 oct 2019 from 17:00h-00:00
Where: Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

Saturday 26 October 2019 will see the second edition of the wondrous Wanderlust festival: a musical journey of discovery in and around the Zuiderstrandtheater, set among the sand dunes and the beach. Listen to musical delights while enjoying the setting sun and the glorious feeling of sand between your toes.

Get into your summer gear, bring along your friends and embark on fantastic musical adventures. Be amazed by artists who fuse traditions and blur boundaries. Jazz, classical, pop and beats merge into the perfect soundtrack to an unforgettable evening by the sea!


What you can expect from these virtuous German daredevils really defies all description. Imagine a DJ sampling classical music but then played live with the intensity of a rock band. Envisage a techno beat underpinning a Mozart ballet and remixes of well-known classical works. Ingenious discoveries following each other in succession. A performance by Spark is nothing less than a musical whirlwind. Performed with conviction, precision and class. The epitome of non-conformity, not for effect but for the sake of pure curiosity, joy and love for music.

Ardemus Quartet
When you think of chamber music, you might imagine velvet violins and silvery flutes, a piano and perhaps a horn. The Ardemus Quartet shows this is not necessarily the case: if you take an instrument never really heard in chamber music, things can be surprisingly different. In their musical case(s), it is the saxophone, not just one but four. These young virtuosos have already won many prizes and nominations. A sure-fire recipe for a unique musical experience.

BVR Flamenco Big Band
Nowhere is melancholy rendered more beautifully than in the Spanish flamenco. And nowhere does life swing more than in American big band music. Spanish-Dutch saxophonist Bernard van Rossum was curious to find out what would happen if he combined the two. Well, we were in for a surprise. Combine the dynamics of a plus-size big band with 13 horns, a rhythm section like a Swiss clock and the Latin temperament of a traditional flamenco guitarist and then add a male and female singer to the 21 musicians and what do you get? An incredible sound!

In 2017, pianist and composer Julian Schneemann embarked on a world journey that transcends all musical boundaries. He brought along Syrian Jawa Manla, a prodigy on the ud, the Middle Eastern predecessor of the lute. Famous violinist Emmy Storms and star percussionist Jeroen Battering also jumped on board the musical train. Now, three exceptional vocalists with Syrian, Indian and Namibian roots have joined the caravan: Wasim Arslan, Madhu Lalbahadoersing and Shishani Vranckx. The result is as elusive and inimitable as it is universal. The ultimate proof that we all speak the language of music.

Choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman is a true pioneer. She set to work on the Indian dance Bharatanatyam, liberated the movements from their traditional narrative meaning and combined the result with contemporary dance forms. While the Indian-Hindustani community and modern dance lovers will both recognise certain elements in this fascinating organic fusion, Kalpana’s performances are about much more than recognition. She forces us to take off our Western glasses and look at non-Western dance with different eyes. And so, she raises a poignant question: what if we were to take off those glasses more often?

Farid Sheek
Farid composes, plays the piano and is phenomenal on the daf, the Persian frame drum that has been played in the Middle East for thousands of years. Born and raised in Iran, Farid Sheek has lived in the Netherlands since 2011. Now, he combines the rich Iranian musical tradition that his father passed on to him with Western influences. The result is an exciting combination of the beauty of East and West. His philosophy is that music allows a story to be told that is much bigger than words. Attend a performance by Farid and you will soon realise how these words hit home.

Wanderlust is an initiative of the Zuiderstrandtheater and Residentie Orkest The Hague.