New design route in Amsterdam: GLUE

With ‘GLUE amsterdam connected by design’, the city once again has a three-day design route for Amsterdam-based designers, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other creatives. From Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September 2020, GLUE literally glues elements of Amsterdam’s thriving design scene together. Participants throughout the field of design will open their doors to colleagues and design lovers – from start-ups and renowned designers to knowledge institutes, and from brand showrooms to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. GLUE is an initiative of Janine de Jong, Guus van Maarschalkerweerd, and David Heldt, who have created the new design route to improve connections within the sector and make it easier to access.

‘For years, there has been a lack of connection between parties within the creative sector, between the vibrant creative scene and the various locations in the city. We come across beautiful inspiring places that make us wonder why we were not already aware of them,’ says co-founder David Heldt. ‘GLUE brings the – sometimes hidden – pearls of design that the city wears to the fore and strings all the design beads together.’

‘We are an independent organisation that does not commit itself to one, but to all parties. Both to up-and-coming designers and established brands. Diversity and equality suit the city,’ say the initiators.

The design route caters to both the sector that can show what it has to offer, and the design-loving public that is in need of creativity and inspiration. In the current society of social distancing that we will be living in for the foreseeable future, GLUE, with its design route that fans out across the city, is the ideal event in this time of corona.

The creative locations are literally mapped out: breeding grounds, individual design studios, showrooms, galleries, and museums are given a dot on the city map so that they are easy to find for everyone. The initiators expect the participants not only to open their doors, but to organise something creative, spectacular, and relevant, such as a lecture, overview exhibition, workshop or networking get-together.

In order to encourage new connections and collaborations and to give everyone the opportunity to present themselves, up-and-coming designers and designers from outside of Amsterdam will also be given the opportunity to join in easily. Major partners with additional space such as hotels, showrooms, and breeding grounds can become GLUE HUBs if they offer exhibition space to more than three external designers. The Lloyd Hotel and Founding Partner Design Post Amsterdam, among others, have made themselves available as hubs.

For each level, GLUE offers a suitable participation package to give the full creative field the opportunity to open its doors. For example, small independents are given the opportunity to participate at a reduced rate.

 One of the Founding Partners is the Stedelijk Museum. Amanda Pinatih, the museum’s new curator of design, embraces the initiative: ‘GLUE can literally act as the glue that brings the design field together and provides a platform for both up-and-coming and established creators, something that is more important than ever in this day and age.’

Industrial designer Robert Bronwasser who also holds the title Founding Partner: ‘GLUE passes by my studio instead of me going to a fair to present my designs. Because Amsterdam’s creative sector is literally opening its doors, visitors will have the unique opportunity to look inside the personal workspaces of designers in an easily accessible way, to see how they work and what role they play in our daily lives. For me, this makes it the perfect event at which to present my book “Enjoy everyday design”.’

The Stedelijk Museum will be opening its doors on 17 September, as yet to a select audience in accordance with the safety measures; GLUE will then be festively launched, preceded by a substantive debate in which designers will discuss the role that design can play in the city. This debate can be followed live online and can also be viewed at a later date.

 GLUE amsterdam connected by design: Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2020. Grand Opening Night: Thursday 17 September 2020 at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.