Boutique hotel Relais & Châteaux Weeshuis Gouda

Quietly bringing something to life. Something that had been around for a long time, but suddenly made itself felt. That is the metamorphosis of the old orphanage (weeshuis) in Gouda, built in 1599, into boutique hotel Relais & Châteaux Weeshuis Gouda (WSHS): a stylish retreat with international allure. The monument has been restored to its full glory with much love.

WSHS is located in the cultural quarter of Gouda. Leave your mundane life behind and let yourself be pampered, from early in the morning until late at night. At WSHS, attention to detail, small surprises and genuine attention take centre stage, so you will lack for nothing. Enterprising couple Sharon and Lennart van Gastel, the beating heart behind Relais & Châteaux Weeshuis Gouda, have opened not only a hotel, but also a restaurant, cocktail bar and a number of spectacular reception rooms, all under one roof. Find culinary treats on impeccable white table linen in the casual fine dining restaurant. Before you go to sleep, take a stroll past COCO, the gracious cocktail bar across the rustic courtyard that is the heart of the WSHS. From here you can access all parts of the building and discover the stories hidden inside.

The building has lived through many events, great and small, and this is reflected in the interior – in a contemporary and idiosyncratic way. Interior architect Judith van Mourik, known for the interior design at Parc Broekhuizen, flawlessly combines luxury and design with various historical gems, such as Gouds Plateel pottery, to create a surprising, eclectic whole. A black and white checkerboard pattern matches perfectly with extravagant wall decorations, and striking art objects combine tastefully with the brass coffee bar. The 25 hotel rooms, ranging from spacious family rooms to romantic getaways, all have their own wow factor and guarantee an unforgettable time. With a wink here and there, an unexpected twist and a good dose of playfulness, because life is serious enough as it is. WSHS does everything it can to make you forget this for a while.