Fit into the summer? Here’s how you do it

Do you think it’s too late to get fit for the summer? No worries, it’s never too late to work on your fitness. Let’s give .

Get enough exerciseIt sounds obvious, but we emphasize it one more time. Unfortunately, you don’t get a fit body all by itself. So make sure you get enough exercise, at least half an hour a day. The most important thing is to play a sport that you enjoy. Find out what triggers that ‘fitness tiger’ in you.

Healthy food
No matter how much you exercise, the right diet is essential. Think of your body as a car: if you put cheap fuel in your car, it won’t drive smoothly! The body works the same way. Therefore, eat enough vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water and make sure that your body gets enough energy to do its job.

Balance is key
It sounds so easy: healthy eating. But it can be tricky. How do you manage to maintain a healthy diet? The answer is: find your own balance! Say NO to dieting for life. A healthy basis (80%), but beyond that (20%) eat food that you like. The same goes for sports; you don’t have to exercise every day to get fit. Find your balance here too!

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