Vinyard Domein Holset

Domein Holset is a sparkling wine house in the hills of Zuid-Limburg. Using the traditional method, Domein Hoslet’s grapes are grown to make an intriguing sparkling wine. With rolling hills overlooking dense vineyards, this is a Domain where passion for wine, nature and cultivation coalesce. If you’re looking for something beyond a day trip, the wine house offers seven unique rooms, including rooms in the winery itself or a deluxe option in the vineyard.

Wine range
From fresh and fruity to elegant and complex with a quirky twist, the wines by Domein Holset are surprising and effervescent in their own way. The wines are made from a variety of grapes: Souvignier Gris, Cabernet Blanc, Johanniter, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Since Zuid-Limburg is the sunniest region of the Netherlands, the grapes grown in this climate are perfect for producing sparkling wine. Domein Holset’s products are available to buy onsite or online and sold by sommeliers and wine shops across the country.

Tastings & tours


Looking for a unique wine for a special occasion? Always wanted to walk amongst the grape-filled stalks of a vineyard? Domein Holset offers tasting sessions and guided tours, which can be done separately or as a combination. Tastings are available daily 11am-4pm and tours are available every day, except Tuesday and Thursday.


Sleeping at the wine estate


Decided that a taste and a tour isn’t enough and you wish to enjoy the tree-lined vistas a while longer? Domein Holset offers a variety of rooms and packages: sleep in a simple but elegant winery room, view the vineyard through breathtaking tall windows in a deluxe suite or stay in the four-bedroom luxury Sjato Brut. Every room comes with a double bed and en-suite bathroom, with guests sharing a living room and terrace. All bookings include a delicious breakfast.


Domein Holset also offers boutique packages for short vacations. These include bespoke bike packages where the Domin provides a Gazelle e-bike and a map of recommended biking trails, or bespoke tours with a trip to a local fine dining restaurant. Each trip includes a bottle of Dotje wine sent to your room!