Dry January trend by Le Nord

While we normally start the year with New Year’s receptions and drinks, this year it may be easier than ever to stop drinking. With non-alcoholic wines that are truly delicious, even the greatest aficionados can join the Dry January trend. Wine shop Le Nord, based in Rotterdam, recommends the best non-alcoholic wines to make Dry January a success.

Taste perception
It can be hard to find an alcohol-free wine that really comes close to a ‘normal’ wine in terms of taste and experience. Alcohol-free or not: wine should be tasty. Kirsten van Harten, manager of Le Nord: “The better non-alcoholic wines are made from an alcoholic wine, where the alcohol is then filtered out. As this technique continues to improve, the taste of non-alcoholic wine has greatly improved in recent years.”

Spanish Aldea wines
After extensive tasting, Wijnwinkel Le Nord has selected two Spanish non-alcoholic wines from wine brand Aldea. The red wine is made from the Tempranillo grape. The wine has an attractive red colour with a little violet and an intense essence of black and red berries. This Tempranillo has vanilla and caramel notes in the nose. The white version is made from Verdejo grapes. It’s clear, with a light straw color, has intense aromas and an aftertaste of ripe grapes. Its spicy and fresh notes make this Verdejo suitable for any time of the day.

€ 5.95 per bottle.

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