Literaturhaus Den Haag and Zeehelden Biblioteek celebrate a joint anniversary

The Literaturhaus Deutsche Bibliothek Den Haag is celebrating its 70th anniversary
this year. Founded in 1953, the Literaturhaus has made an important contribution to
the German cultural scene in The Hague and the Netherlands.

The Chair of the Literaturhaus, Roswitha Bates-Schmidt said:
“We are proud that the Literaturhaus has been an important platform for German
literature and culture in the Netherlands for 70 years now. In a world where the written
word and cultural dialogue increasingly being pushed into the background, it is more
important than ever to celebrate and promote the importance of culture in word, film,
and art.

The Literaturhaus has a library with over 7,000 books, and also offers a rich cultural
programme of events designed to promote the German language and literature in the
Netherlands. Since its foundation it has hosted regular presentations by important
contemporary German authors, with recent visitors including Judith Hermann and Leo
Maxim. This year Fatma Aydemir and Dmitrij Kapitelman will be among the Literaturhaus’ guests.

The Zeehelden Bibliotheek, a neighbourhood and children’s library, is also celebrating
its 5th anniversary. Since 2018 the library is situated in the rooms of the Literaturhaus
and offers a cozy space for children to browse both Dutch and German language
books. The libraries are supported by the Goethe Institute, Allianz Europe B.V., the
Akzo Nobel charity and the municipality Den Haag.

The main festivity will take place on September 16, 2023, when friends, supporters and
volunteers will gather to celebrate the anniversaries. More information about the
Literaturhaus and the Zeehelden Bibiliotheek can be found on: