Boutique Hotel Texel – Charming boutique hotel & spa in the centre of Texel

Once in a while you meet them: friends you haven’t seen for a long time, but with whom you can pick up right where you left off. Who make you feel completely welcome from the first minute. Exactly that feeling of being at home is what Boutique Hotel Texel wants to show its guests.

“Taste the passion & feel at home”
The enthusiasm with which our guests are welcomed is almost contagious. And that makes sense: personal attention and care for our guests, nature and the environment are in our hearts. There are already enough hotels that are ‘as it should be’, Boutique Hotel Texel finds. Of course, quality and perfection are paramount here, but the motto ‘that’s how we do it’ is even more important, says Marianne Langeveld, owner of Boutique Hotel Texel. You notice this in the enthusiasm of the team, the personal attention for guests and products, the eco-chic design and the great range of services in the hotel, with its own restaurant and spa, all completely energy-neutral. Luxury and Texel spirit go hand in hand here. One thing should be clear: we don’t like mediocrity. Just as you don’t expect from good friends, do you?

Wake up fully rested, with a view over the countryside, dunes and unique Wadden mudflats? Relax in the in-house Spa Woolness or enjoy total relaxation in a superior suite with private terrace and sun shower? Boutique Hotel Texel offers the best of three worlds: luxurious rooms and suites with a cosy atmosphere, fresh regional dishes from our own lands and a unique spa. You find all of this in the middle of the island of Texel, a stone’s throw from nature reserves de Slufter and de Muy and 4 km from the seaside resort of De Koog and the water village De Cocksdorp.

Boutique Hotel Texel is not just located on Texel, it is completely intertwined with the island. On yoru plate in our restaurant Gusta you will find beautiful dishes with the best ingredients that this Wadden island has to offer, fresh from our own farm or from elsewhere on the island. Based on the Dutch cuisine principle, our chef and his team cook with passion, according to the seasons. In our wellness, Spa Woolness, you will enjoy innovative treatments based on island ingredients. How about a wool bath in real Texel full-fat sheep’s wool or a warm full-body lanolin wrap? And of course the team is happy to tell you the best insider tips for a one-of-a-kind day out on the island.

Talking about ‘friends for life’ may be going a bit far, but with Boutique Hotel Texel we come very close.

When asked what we give our guests, our answer is: a home base to discover the island, to experience the beauty of Texel, just as we locals are in love with our little hideaway. A place to linger, relax and take care of your body and your mind. A place that doesn’t really let you go – but when you leave, you really feel like you’re returning home after a long time. A feeling you only experience when everything was really perfect.