Egypt: Antika World More Than Certified Replica!

Egypt is a well-known for its ancient civilization and the monuments of the majestic pharaohs, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the GEM (The Grand Egyptian Museum), Sakkara, and Dahshur, and it is the home to some of the most recognizable monuments from the ancient world and a trove of modern cultural treasures as well – so you won’t be hard-pressed to find a replica or two! But what should you look to buy in Egypt? Mmmm …. still thinking so it`s time to know more about ANTIKA ….

What is ANTIKA? It is a unique platform for certified replicas trading. We simply brought Egyptian replicas to your door. Yes, we are invading the world now, we started by our showroom at the Netherlands and then we headed to Brazil and still more and more to come.

How we got the idea?  Ahmed Nasr (ANTIKA founder and general manager) has got the idea when he discovered the hidden gem (Konouz Egypt), first Egyptian factory that is producing and replicating the historical Egyptian antiquities and decided to cooperate with them to show the whole world our special products that are made by Egyptian talented hands. We started our first actual steps in Egypt then moved worldwide.

You can pick your piece by visiting one of our showrooms or order it online via our app. Each piece of our products is an identical replica of the original antiquity, not only that but it also comes with a certificate of verification issued by the Egyptian council of Antiquities.

Now let`s look about ANTIKA’s steps to success in Egypt and around the world:
ANTIKA organized the YMCA delegation visit to Egypt to enjoy watching the Egyptian handmade replicas. Then In cooperation with Association of Egyptian organizations in the Netherlands, ANTIKA participated in the cultural event “Egypt Day in Amsterdam”. The event covered many activities including Lecture for writing in ancient Egypt, Replica exhibition and cultural discussion.

ANTIKA also signed an agreement with Arab Chambers Union in Cairo. The agreement included Antika’s participation in the Union’s activities around the world, supporting cultural activity, and organizing handcrafts and certified replicas exhibitions as well. The cooperation expanded to cover organizing workshops related to the culture and arts sector. This agreement also contributed to support tourism sector through localizing virtual (VR) trips (will talk about it later in details) techniques and marketing for touristic destinations in different countries using 360 imaging technology.

Antika participated in the economic forum organized by the Arab Brazilian Chamber (ABCC) that took place on July 4 in São Paulo among seven companies from EGYPT and UAE .Appointments provided a better understanding of the market, information on investments, and a network of contacts, and was also a part of the Economic Forum Brazil & Arab Countries that was attended by 600 business people, diplomats, scholars, and leaders of private companies from Brazil and the Arab countries, with some 3,000 viewers. Companies like EFIC, SCFP, Modern Living, and Pantanal Trading were some of the sponsors of the event, and it was very successful event.

Antika also joined the celebration of the ninth anniversary of the Coptic orthodox Diocese of Netherlands and the feast of the ordination of His Grace Bishop Arsani, Bishop of the Netherlands. The celebration was held in the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Unique and exclusive icons were displayed in the celebration and our Egyptian certified replicas also as well.

Then finally our first international showroom was opened in a great ceremony at the Netherlands in March 2022, followed by our branch in G Experience hotel at Amsterdam, then adding 6 more selling points at the Egyptian Church in the Netherlands& Belgium and Opening an exhibition at Den Haag 2023.  And still more and more success to come.

Not only that but out of taking the responsibility to let new generations know more about the great Egyptian civilization, Dr. Rasha Saif (head of arts & cultural department at ANTIKA) organizes workshops for learning ancient Egyptian writing, artistic handmade porcelain accessories, wooden simple crafts and organizes also cultural lectures online and offline through periodically events inside and outside Egypt. She also organizes VR trips for school students. She started working on the Egyptian accessories line which added a great value to ANTIKA’s products.

Mentioning the online lectures, that would take us to know more about MAVELL, it’s a virtual tours app, for example: lecturers can make their lectures in a historical place with add value to their words and take the lecture to more interesting levels. Also virtual field tours  can be easily organized, it allows students to collaborate across boundaries, learn about far- off places and work with people from other regions, that kind of trips also provides opportunities for students to develop social emotional learning skills and reflect on their experiences, on the other hand, the app is very interesting for tourists to visit the world from their hometown.

And that was another successful step for ANTIKA to merge between ancient Egyptian civilization and latest technologies around the world, now you can visit many museums and many other places while you are enjoying your drink on your comfy sofa through 360-degree camera to enjoy every tiny detail.

Moving back to ANTIKA’s app; you’ll find seven categories:
Ancient Egyptian – Greco roman – Coptic – Islamic – Antika Lapidus – Paintings – Egyptian t-shirts

Let’s talk briefly about each category and you can find in it:
Ancient Egyptian or Pharaonic in which you can find Tutankhamun mask, tutankhamun is the most famous pharaoh of all time, his fame comes more from the discovery of his nearly intact tomb, his mummy was important for Egyptologists to conduct valuable research into the process of mummification. You can also scarab in many different colors, it is known that scarabs were popular amulets and impression seal in ancient Egypt. Key of life, goddess bastet, Egyptian scribe, mummy sarcophagus coffin, queen Nefertiti, priest statue and much more.

Greco roman, as it’s known that the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, the independent rule of pharaohs in the strict sense came to an end.Under the Ptolemies , whose rule followed Alexander’s profound changes took place in art and architecture. Alexander the great bust sculpture is made with his head details which make it a significant piece.

Coptic category, the Coptic era in ancient Egypt was defined by the religious shifts in Egyptian culture to Coptic Christianity from ancient Egyptian religion, until the Muslim conquest of Egypt. Luxurious and significant Christ paintings are found in this category. Antika Lapidus is the category that contains the Egyptian colorful unique accessories. Painting category, this category is full of freehand paintings made by Egyptian talented painters.

Egyptian t-shirts that are made from finest Egyptian cotton which is handpicked and guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibres leaving the fibres straight and intact. All these factors have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. What are you waiting for …go and check our Egyptian significant scenes printed on the finest Egyptian cotton t-shirts.

At last, you have to know that if you are fond of the Egyptian replicas and can’t find your object, we can make it as a special order and send it to your door. Reaching the end ANTIKA promises her fans to expand more and more all over the world and to achieve more success.

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