Jazz in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has always been a versatile jazz city. The city offers an extensive network of venues, programs, festivals and support organizations for famous and new artists. LantarenVenster, De Doelen and BIRD will give an extra impulse to the jazz scene in the coming years with a new collaboration. The three venues join forces to provide talented jazz musicians with more support and a stage.

LantarenVenster, De Doelen and BIRD offer space for a program that focuses mainly on the development of (young) jazz musicians from Rotterdam, but also from elsewhere. New, adventurous creators need a breeding ground; stages to share their music with the audience and to develop further.

“During jazz concerts and improvisation by young talents, the listener discovers new art forms, new developments and a new sound,” says Frank Bolder (LantarenVenster) on behalf of the three stages. “In addition, performances are often a springboard to larger venues and a larger audience. As venues, we find it very important to not only invite established musicians, but to support a new influx of young creators.

As a beginning musician, you have to work hard: compose, rehearse and record, but also perform live in front of an audience. The new collaboration offers a guaranteed number of playing opportunities for young talent, musicians at the beginning of a professional career.

“The stages together ensure that artists can present themselves professionally to the public, and thus further develop their art,” says Mirella Boumans (De Doelen). “A real Rotterdam collaboration in which we combine our strengths and knowledge.” The collaboration and financial support from the city council guarantee an important step in the personal development of Rotterdam musicians and Rotterdam jazz.