Rijnmondiaal: visual poetry from the Rijnmond region

From 5 July to 31 October 2024, 18 iconic artists show their contemporary art in Museum Vlaardingen in an exhibition of contemporary, idiosyncratic art with resounding names from the region.

The Rotterdam city region, often referred to as Rotterdam-Rijnmond, is one of the most industrialised parts of the Netherlands. In the Rijnmond region, changes are constantly taking place in industry, population structure and spatial planning. Over the last century and a half, the city boundaries have become increasingly blurred. Cities and villages are connected to each other in ever-larger neighbourhoods. The population is growing exponentially and becoming more diverse. There is room for everyone here.

Art from Rijnmond makes itself heard
Rijnmond is also a place where culture thrives in museums, theatres and concert halls. It provides a good climate for artists. The contemporary art produced in the region can easily compare itself with that of other metropolises in our country and beyond, and deserves to be shown. Rijnmondiaal is a biennial group exhibition of contemporary art from the Rijnmond region in Museum Vlaardingen. The first edition was successfully held in 2022. Rijnmondiaal offers a reflection of what is going on among artists and inhabitants in the region.

Common themes
Like in the first edition, the selection of participating artists is very diverse. Still, there are similarities. It is striking that almost all artists relate to realism, in whatever form: from almost abstract but still recognizable, to hyper-realistic. According to the trends of our time, many artists adopt a critical attitude towards the environmental change and social problems, which is not surprising in this heavily industrialized area. A number of artists are inspired by specific periods in art history. Many artists have developed their own way of dealing with their chosen medium: they ‘make’ it themselves. Finally, there is room for the intimacy of the immediate environment and a look across the border at events elsewhere in the world. The consciously chosen location in the city, the ports and associated industry, including the fringes of the cities, play an important role in this. Hence: Rijnmondiaal!

Participating artists
Marjolijn van den Assem, Rosa Boomsma, Anuli Croon, Jasper van den Ende, Stefan Gross, Marjon Hoogendijk, Mehmet Rifii Kileci, Peter Koole, John Laurens, Olaf Mooij, Olphaert den Otter, Jan Prins, Simon Schrikker, Niels Smits van Burgst, Johannes Steendam, Anne Visser, Eveline Visser and Hans Wilschut

 Museum Vlaardingen
Westhavenkade 54
3131 AG Vlaardingen