Interview with Corporate Housing Factory

Since 2013, Corporate Housing Factory (CHF) has been providing fully-serviced apartments to corporate clients in the Netherlands. Boasting a variety of unit sizes across four prime locations, CHF offers a comprehensive range of short- and long-term housing options.These turnkey properties feature furnished accommodations with equipped kitchens, cleaning services, internet access, parking facilities, and access to health clubs, ensuring a smooth ‘landing’ for international business travelers. Their mission is straightforward: to provide guests with unparalleled comfort, hospitality, and privacy throughout their stay.

At the heart of this mission are CHF’s service hosts, such as Miquel Daale, who serve as the linchpins of CHF’s operation. Beyond managing the front office, they orchestrate warm meet-and-greets and facilitate seamless collaboration with housekeeping, maintenance staff, and service coordinators across all locations. Together with the bookings team, led by Lisette Sprangers, Head of Revenue and Channel Management, they form the cornerstone of the guests’ journey, ensuring every booking enquiry is met with efficiency and optimization.

Lisette, could you walk us through the responsibilities of your team on the commercial desk?
Lisette: Certainly. The commercial desk team ensures correct and efficient handling and administration of all reservation requests, including guest communication, setting the selling strategy, invoicing, and allocation of apartments.

And Miquel, how about your team on the front office?
Miquel: Our front office team is focused on ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our clients throughout their stay. From the moment they arrive until their departure, we’re here to address any needs that may arise and to facilitate clear communication to enhance their overall experience.

What measures does your team take to ensure that clients feel supported and valued throughout their stay?
Lisette: We play a key role in the overall process by maintaining regular contact with accounts, relocators, partners and bookers. The commercial desk is also the first point of contact and we provide assistance with any escalation or questions regarding reservations. Also, contributing to constant improvements for the benefit of customers and the booking process is part of our responsibilities.

Miquel: At the front office, our priority is to establish close communication with guests, ensuring they feel heard and appreciated throughout their stay. We’re proactive in addressing their needs and ensuring a seamless experience from arrival to departure.

It appears that you place a strong emphasis on ensuring a seamless client journey. Can you tell us about any unique services or personalized touches your team provides to enhance the guest experience?
Lisette: Absolutely! In some of our properties we offer a choice of special welcome gifts to our regular bookers. In general, we are known for our very personalized service. Most bookers know our team members’ names by heart and even talk about their weekends on the phone to each other. We always try to go the extra mile for our clients whenever possible.

Miquel: Indeed, we really make sure we treat every guest as a VIP and act accordingly whenever the opportunity arises!

Living in the Netherlands, you must know this country like the back of your hand. What would be your number one tip for expats who are coming to the Netherlands?
Lisette: Take the bike! It sounds like a cliché but apart from being our main mode of transportation to get from A to B, it is the best (and most sustainable) way to get around pretty much all our cities. Also, you see a lot more while travelling in the open air, so there’s some free sightseeing in the pocket.

Miquel: I always recommend our guests to explore the diverse cultures through the wide array of foods available here in The Netherlands. There’s really something for everyone!