Introducing Eline Hut and Peter Goudappel: Experts in mortgage advice for expats

We are pleased to introduce a newcomer in the field of mortgage affairs, specifically tailored for expats. Eline Hut and Peter Goudappel, both formerly of ABN AMRO, have now embarked on independent ventures, bringing their expertise and personalized service to a wider audience with their company About Mortgage Affairs.

Eline Hut, with her 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, has found her passion in mortgage advice, particularly for expats. Having worked with international clients at ABN AMRO’s International Clients division, Eline possesses an in-depth understanding of the net incomes and working conditions of employees from various international organizations. Her commitment to providing excellent service, combined with her personal approach, has been the driving force behind her decision to start her own business. Eline’s knowledge and expertise make her a trusted advisor for expats seeking guidance on their journey to homeownership in the Netherlands.

Peter Goudappel, with a career spanning 20 years in the financial industry, has spent the last 15 years at ABN AMRO, gaining knowledge along the way. As a mortgage advisor, Peter takes immense pride in assisting international clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures in achieving their homeownership goals. Recognizing the unique needs and concerns of expats, Peter provides the highest level of service and support. With his decision to establish his own business, Peter is excited to offer a more personalized and focused approach to serving his clients.

Beyond their professional achievements, Eline and Peter have diverse interests and passions that make them relatable and engaging individuals. Eline, having grown up in a family with ties to Shell, experienced in her youth the joys and challenges of regular relocations. In her free time, she delights in outdoor activities like walking in the forest and on the beach, staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She also enjoys following her favourite football club and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Eline’s zest for life and curiosity about different cultures make her an approachable advisor who truly understands the expat experience.

Peter, originally from Indonesia and now residing near the sea with his family and loyal Beagle companion, appreciates the simple pleasures in life. He finds solace in strolling along the beach and unwinding with point and click adventure games. Peter’s passion for creating family videos and composing electronic music showcases his creative side and his ability to find balance in his busy schedule. With his daughters now in high school, Peter cherishes the journey of watching them grow and develop into young adults.

Eline Hut and Peter Goudappel embody the essence of dedicated professionals who understand the unique needs of expats. With their wealth of experience, personalized service, and genuine interest in their clients’ well-being, they are well-equipped to guide expatriates through the mortgage application process. Whether you are an expat embarking on your journey to homeownership or seeking expert advice on buying a new home, Eline and Peter are here to offer their support and expertise.