Fall in Love with Rembrandt’s Intimate World: Unveiling the Exhibition “Rembrandt & Love”

Prepare to be enraptured by the timeless allure of love as you delve into the captivating world of one of history’s greatest artists, Rembrandt—opening on July 1 and running until October 15, 2023, in Museum Rembrandthuis. The summer exhibition “Rembrandt & Love” invites you to experience love through the eyes of the renowned Dutch master. From profound passions to tender affections, this extraordinary showcase of over 50 etchings from The Rembrandt House Museum’s collection will leave you spellbound.

Central to Rembrandt’s own love story is his adoration for Saskia Uylenburgh, his first great love, and wife. Rembrandt immortalized Saskia’s beauty and vulnerability through his masterful etchings, capturing her beauty, hanging in pearls, and even during her illness. But “Rembrandt & Love” transcends his personal romance, delving into his love for humanity, animals, and art itself.

Step into Rembrandt’s world and encounter the dramatic narratives demonstrating his passion for grand and compelling stories intertwined with playful scenes of affection between people. There is also the tender embrace of parental love and witness Rembrandt’s profound empathy in his portrayals of charitable acts. His etchings, adorned with curious dogs, reveal a fondness for our four-legged companions. The prints also reveal Rembrandt’s passions, his fascination with collecting rarities for his art room, and his penchant for leisurely strolls in and around Amsterdam, uniting pleasure with purpose.

Of course, no exploration of Rembrandt’s artistry would be complete without his renowned self-portraits, prompting reflection on the complexities of self-love and astute marketing strategies. Prepare to be captivated by the timeless resonance of love as Rembrandt’s artistry reveals its many dimensions. The exhibition “Rembrandt & Love” promises an enchanting journey through the emotions and complexities of the human heart.

Rembrandt & Love will run from July 1 until October 15, 2023

Museum Rembrandthuis,
Jodenbreestraat 4,