Sara Cwynar SS23 in Foam

Since 2015, Foam has organized the exhibition series Next Level, which aims to introduce a broad public to innovative art by contemporary artists who are progressive in their use of the medium of photography. In this edition, the honor fell to Sara Cwynar, who has been a regular photographer at Foam for the past ten years. Sara Cwynar’s photography, video works, collages, installations and books try to interpret our visual culture. In her studio she brings together images and objects in order to map out how we consume them and how these products shape our lives, and which ideals and ideologies play a role in this. By means of photos from encyclopedias, the internet and various catalogues, text fragments from literary essays by leading thinkers, but also witty captions that she plucks directly from Instagram, Cwynar gives words and explanations to the process of image formation that gives substance to how we perceive the world.

Until 24 September