La Nostra Gigi – La Grande Bellezza in Amsterdam


At La Nostra Gigi on the Marie Heinekenplein in the Amsterdam Pijp you can immerse yourself in a flamboyant interpretation of Italy from the exuberant 1970s by creative director and interior designer Will Erens from Too Many Agencies.

This colorful trattoria, cocktail bar and lounge is all about shared dining and getting together for a cozy drink or classy cocktail. Erens opted for a romantic and opulent setting, which is expressed in an extravagant interior with cozy seats, green gazebos, mirrors, shine, velvet and colour, lots and lots of colour. La Nostra Gigi is a place where grand and compelling go hand in hand with cozy and intimate.

From oysters, pizzettas, bruschetta and calamari fritti to antipasti, La Nostra Gigi has it all and presents it with that signature over-the-top-but-irresistible Italian flair. With the crispy focaccia with truffle cream, Ostriche al Crodino, Burrata con acciughe and Polpette al pomodoro, Gigi shows that she has more to offer than just a nice appearance. After the Campanelle al Pecorino Tartufato prepared at the table and a deliciously creamy tiramisu or sgroppino, you will be ready to declare your love to her.

Chances are she will seduce you for another drink in the bar, or snuggle up in the lovely cushions of the terrace and lose all sense of time. And you are not alone: Gigi effortlessly winds all her guests around herfingers: seductive, playful, attentive, sweet and provocative, she makes every day a party! On Sunday even a little more, because there is live music too.

Marie Heinekenplein 5-8,