Kellys Expat Shopping – making you feel at home since 2008.

If you’re looking for a small taste of home, then look no further than Kellys Expat Shopping! Jam-packed with all your favourite British & American food, the Kelly family has been providing much-loved (and sorely missed!) Expat comfort foods for almost 15 years.

Kellys started way back in 2008, with a small shop on the Piet Heinstraat in the heart of The Hague. With the demand so high, popularity was rising and more and more Expats flocked to the store to stock up on their favourites – so the Kellys team took the opportunity to expand and reach even more of the ever-growing Expat community. Locals and Expats alike were falling in love with the selection, with products such as: Warburton’s Crumpets, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Branston Pickle, Bisto Gravy, Cathedral City Cheddar, Walker’s Salt & Vinegar Crisps, Kraft Mac & Cheese – simply flying off the shelves – just to name a few! Kellys became a place for Expats to join together – with posters for local expat events going up in the window, a small bulletin board of upcoming gatherings and partnerships with local schools, markets and pubs helping unite everyone together. The business only grew – both in popularity and locations!

Firstly, The Hague store moved to a larger location on the Zoutmanstraat. Then the Wassenaar store opened in 2012 on the Luifelbaan, followed by Amsterdam in 2018 on Ferdinand Bolstraat in De Pijp and last but not least, Utrecht in 2022 on the Nachtegaalstraat. With a young, vibrant, international team, we all speak English daily, so it’s a little escape when you’re struggling to master the Dutch language! We are spread across the Netherlands, offering the best selection there is, and if you do happen to live a little further away, don’t worry! We have shipping options all across Europe – so you can stock up on everything from Tiptree to Shreddies and keep your cupboards full of goodies.

Moving to a new country is exceptionally brave, not to mention a little bit daunting. Especially if you don’t speak the language, you’re trying to establish yourself in a new city, settle into a brand new home, and just generally getting to know your new life. Here at Kellys we aim to make this process a little bit easier. Whether it’s providing your favourite Cadbury’s chocolate bar as a pick-me-up, some hearty Heinz soup to warm up with after a wet (typical Dutch weather!) day or just coming into the store to have a chat in English with our friendly colleagues and fantastic customers.

Absolutely everyone is welcome here at Kellys Expat Shopping. We’ve got you covered if you’re feeling a little homesick and need a warm welcome and some tasty snacks. So come and meet the team and rediscover your old comfort food or find some exciting new favourites!


The Hague                         Wassenaar                      Amsterdam                             Utrecht
Zoutmannstraat 22A         Luifelbaan 40-42             Ferdinand Bolstraat 139         Nachtegaalstraat 9