The Movies is reopening after two years

After being closed for more than two years due to a major renovation, The Movies will reopen on 13 March. The oldest movie theater in Amsterdam had to close in December 2020 due to the Covid lockdown, but has not been open since. The cinema had major problems with the foundation, caused by subsidence on the Haarlemmerdijk. This was already discovered in 2018, when it turned out that the five separate buildings that house the cinema were no longer in a straight line in relation to each other. There were also cracks in the walls, and the toilet doors had to be resized constantly because they wouldn’t open or close.

Brand new art deco wallpaper
The entire foundation has therefore been renewed in the past two years. Many classic elements from the oldest cinema in the city have also been renewed: a completely new carpet has been laid and the walls have been covered with brand new art deco wallpaper. In terms of atmosphere, therefore, as little as possible has changed. The main hall of the cinema, which has a monumental status, has been renovated with the help of a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than 90,000 euros. Those who donated could choose, for example, a piece of the original carpet in return.

New bar installed
Now that The Movies has been renovated, investments have also been made in making the cinema future-proof. A new air system has been installed, and the seats and screens have been improved. The restaurant has not returned: a brand-new bar has been set up in its place. The first films will start showing on Monday 13 March: ticket sales are already open the website.