Japanese cherry blossoms in Bloesempark

photo by Katharine Guy

The Bloesempark in the Amsterdamse Bos, with over 400 cherry trees, is at its most beautiful during the flowering of the Japanese cherry. While in the spring you can enjoy the beautiful blossoms, the place exudes a special atmosphere all year round. The trees in Bloesempark flower for about 2-3 weeks in the months of March and April. When exactly depends on the weather: if there is hardly any wind, the trees can be in bloom for several weeks. With a lot of wind and rain, the blossoming period is over more quickly. In May, the cherry trees are enclosed in a purple ring of blooming rhododendrons. Further down the main cycle track you will find blossoming currant trees. Also beautiful in spring: the bird island, located near goat farm Ridammerhoeve, a 20-minute walk from Bloesempark.

When to visit
When planning your visit, take into account crowds in the Bloesempark and choose a quiet time. On weekends in the blossoming period it’s very busy; weekdays are a bit quieter, although the park is closed on 5 and 6 April. Come by bike or public transport as much as possible; the route is indicated with signs.

The floral splendour produces beautiful pictures; share your most beautiful photos via Instagram or Facebook with #amsterdamsebos.

Availability and quiet moments
Choose quiet times for your visit. Weekends are very busy during flowering and quieter on weekdays. Come by bike or public transport as much as possible. Follow the signs around the Blossom Park. There is 1 entrance and 1 exit to guide the flow of visitors. We ask you to limit your visits at busy times.

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