Winter warmth from 17december – 8th January 2023

When the days are shorter and darker, enjoy the palace in its winter warm setting filled with glistering lights, green decorations and festive table settings. The palace is getting ready for the festive season. Experience the winter warmth and taste the atmosphere of the past. Enjoy the festivities on the stable square, where there is plenty to do and make!

Winter from the 17th century until to now
During Winter warmth, an audio device is not necessary. Walk through the palace and discover the atmosphere during the winter. What did the palace look like in winter and what was needed to keep the palace warm and comfortable during winter?

Various collection items are presented during Winter warmth. How did former residents keep the building, the rooms and themselves warm?

The atmosphere is festive. From set tables to delicious delicacies. What does it take to have a great party? And what did the palace look like when there was a party?

Paleis Het Loo was a summer palace. Imagine the palace in winter. Festive lights, seasonal decoration and set tables to enjoy the palace during the colder winter months.

The palace for all to enjoy
There are numerous animals to be found in the palace. Look in paintings, wall coverings and furniture and discover which animals can be found in the palace.

Whether it’s for a birthday or a party, festive season or a new year, wishing someone well is an age-old tradition. Make your own greeting card. Who do you send a wish?

The traditional lighting in the palace was not only functional, but also beautiful and atmospheric. During Winter warmth decorate your own candle holder to enjoy at home.

Fold your own decoration and hang it at home in the tree, on a doorknob or, for example, in front of the window.

You can also move around to get warm. On the stable square several vehicles for you to start yourself. This way you get warm and have fun too

The storytelling stages will be held in the group reception area on the stable square during Winter warmth. The stories are about decoration and traditions at Paleis Het Loo and life in the winter at Het Loo.

Winter walk
Even in winter you can enjoy a walk in the gardens. The Orange Walk through the palace park can be reached via the palace garden.

Food and drink
Warm yourself up with delicious hot chocolate on-the-go, a wintery warm lunch menu or enjoy a wintery royal high too.