Successful Amsterdam walks book translated into English

Walking Amsterdam is the English translation of the successful book Amsterdam by Floor van Spaendonck and Gijs Stork, celebrating arts, architecture, nature and diversity. Gijs and Floor are not just best friends, but also art and design curators, and know Amsterdam by heart. Every week they describe a city walk for Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool. They love storytelling and are good at it. The book features nine of their favourite walks, plus seven themed walks on arts, crafts, parks and gardens.

The first edition of the book appeared in 2021; it’s now on to its second edition and thousands of copies have been sold. Both editions are a great gift for new, old, former and prospective Amsterdammers. Residents, expats, students, people who love culture, but above all: people who want to get to know the city in a special way. Floor and Gijs say: “Amsterdam is the city of endless stories. Colorful and creative, packed with architecture and hidden, secret places. Always on the move, and getting better. Let us take you on a walk.”

Walking Amsterdam
ISBN 978 90 83 169 194
Price 24,50