Pottery and painting in the new Royal Delft Museum

Royal Delft was granted official museum status in 2021: Royal Delft Museum. Two of its ambitions, the upgrading of the museum rooms and returning exhibitions in a new exhibition hall, have been realised this past year.

Royal Delft Museum is the home of Delft Blue pottery. Since Royal Delft received museum status, action has been taken to emphasize even more the craft, production and history of the 400-year-old factory. With the renewed museum rooms, upgraded factory experience and audio tour, all visitors can soak up the history, learn about the production process and enjoy the demonstration of the craft.

Two new exhibition halls have been built to programme multiple exhibitions per year. The first exhibition, which will open on 8 November, is one that has never been displayed before. It showcases two great 17th-century landscape painters, Frederik van Frytom and Jacob van Ruisdael, who designed their artistry, each for himself, on Delft pottery and canvas respectively. They are known for their perspectives and portrayal of the Dutch landscape and their works were and still have an influence on contemporary artists. For the first time, works by the two artists can be seen side by side. Two worlds come together, with nature and landscapes on canvas and pottery playing a leading role. In addition, attention is paid to the traditional technique of the making process of the blue pigment, as used by both masters, and how it is still used today.

The exhibited pieces come from international private collectors and museums to Delft for an exclusive period from 8 November 2022 to 15 March 2023.
A supporting programme has also been created around the exhibition.

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