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Be a Vitalis buddy

“There he is, I can already see Jeff!, “ Seven-year-old Boran jumps off the couch to open the door for his buddy Jeff. Mother Irina laughs: the contact between the two is great!
James and Boran are buddies. Vitalis linked them together. Today beachcombing is on their program!

Many children in our society grow up in an environment in which not everything goes smoothly. Because of a lack of personal attention children may become withdrawn or develop unwanted behaviour. Their carefree childhood is at risk.That is why vulnerable children in the age group of 5 to 18 years old deserve our support. After a r a thorough preparation, Vitalis pairs adult volunteers up with these children.  The organisation aims to prevent that children end up requiring youth care services.

Together they spend a couple of hours a week for a year doing fun activities .Playing football in the park, baking a cake, playing cards?
It can be so much fun!

Are you asking yourself: Can I become a buddy?
Anyone over 21 can! Whether you are a bus driver, an office manager or an IT professional, if your heart is in the right place and you think you can have a positive influence on a young person and you spend half a day a week for a period of one year, then being a Vitalis buddy is something for you.

If you prefer to work with a child once every two weeks, which is also a possibility, then we will pair you up with someone for a period of eighteen months.

Vitalis offers support and coaching
Your application is followed by an interview and then you will receive useful practical training. After thorough preparation you are
ready to meet your match. Our case managers are there to coach you, support you and answer all your questions, they are ready for help and advice.

Convinced? Apply now!
Register to become a buddy on our website
go to the webpage ‘volunteer’ and follow the instructions.

For more information, visit the site or contact us on: 070-3457571

Not a buddy but a contributor?
Are you not available to be a buddy at the moment, but do you feel that what Vitalis stands for and what they do is really important? Then donating might be for you… Vitalis has ANBI status, financial donations are tax deductible via your income tax.