Gallery of Honour of Dutch photography

Photo by Fred Ernst

The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is the leading national museum of photography in the Netherlands. It has an impressive collection of almost 6 million photographic images and exhibits every facet of photography: documentary and experimental, contemporary and historical. In the permanent Gallery of Honour of Dutch photography, , 99 iconic photographs tell the story of the development of photography in the Netherlands from 1841 to the present day. In addition, the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents exhibitions featuring major names in Dutch photography and from its in-house collection. The collection comprises an important part of the Netherlands’ visual heritage.

The Gallery of Honour shows the highlights, innovations and the enormous steps photographers made between the invention of photography and the innovations of today. The photographs are of iconic value because of their social and artistic significance.

The Gallery of Honour begins with the earliest examples of photographs, known as daguerreotypes, and features work by dozens of photographers who pushed boundaries and developed new techniques. From black and white to color photography to the digital age. The photographs come first and foremost from the museum’s extensive collection, but also from the collections of various museums, archives and collectors, and are selected by a committee of photographers and experts.

The Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the Gallery of Honour to inspire everyone with images from the fascinating development of 180 years of photography. Admire photographs by Anton Corbijn, Ed van der Elsken, Erwin Olaf, Ata Kandó and many others. Discover the icons of the future. Together they show the richness of Dutch photography.

The Gallery of Honour contains one empty frame that symbolizes the photograph that – consciously or unconsciously – was not chosen or was not known. This image has been left open and that is the choice of the public. The photo that completes the Gallery of Honour for you: 99+1.