The science behind the Dream Weight Consultation

Did you know that almost six in ten adults in Europe are overweight or obese? This is apparent from the report of the World Health Organization WHO from 2022. Are you also struggling with this? With a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure that you get a grip on your weight. In addition, appetite suppressant medication can help. A little extra support is sometimes very nice. Curious about how to achieve your dream weight? We are happy to help you on your way to your ideal weight!

Why is losing and maintaining weight so difficult? This is partly caused by the fact that the hormones that regulate appetite can be out of balance. The ‘hunger hormone’ has increased and the ‘satiety hormone’ has decreased. During weight loss, you can experience more hunger, or the body can go into an energy-saving mode so that fewer calories are burned. You will eventually gain weight again. The well-known yo-yo effect, unfortunately, takes over again.

Are you looking for a refreshing and personal approach to your overweight?
Our doctors are happy to help you! They will look for the underlying causes of your obesity. This approach requires a detailed analysis of your biochemical and lifestyle factors and uses that data to determine personalized treatment plans that lead to better outcomes.

We have recently started using appetite suppressant medication as extra support. This is a proven, safe, and highly effective method with GLP-1 medication (painless injection). This method is suitable for anyone with a BMI higher than 25. The active ingredient in this medication is liraglutide, like the incretin hormone GLP-1, which is released from the intestines after eating a meal. Liraglutide increases the feeling of satiety and reduces feeling of appetite and hunger; this causes you to eat less. It ultimately reduces body weight, especially the loss of visceral fat (fat between the organs).

We only promote something if we believe in it. A product that we have not tested ourselves first will not enter our clinic. Experiences with this appetite suppressant medication show that clients successfully lose weight in their way. And that without an extreme diet or excessive exercise. It is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. We are happy to help you on your way with usable and feasible Health Steps. Step by step on the way to your dream weight—the ultimate result: more control over your weight and fewer complaints.

Satisfied customer Emma about the dream weight consultation: “My experience with the appetite suppressant medication has been very successful so far. My body fat percentage has decreased, and I have not experienced any side effects. My irresistible craving for chips and nuts has completely disappeared, and healthy eating is no longer a struggle. I feel strong and balanced now.”

Would you like insight into your overweight and knowledge about your lifestyle? We are happy to help you on your way to your dream weight.
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