TerWorm Castle in Heerlen

TerWorm Castle is an exclusive castle hotel, located in a natural and peaceful environment, to allow you to fully relax. Nod off in one of our luxurious rooms or royal suites and wake up in the opulence that surrounds you. Thirty rooms located in the farmstead, ten rooms in the castle, and not one room is the same. Very special are the Castle Tower Suites and the Gatekeeper Suite, located above the castle gate. In addition to these attractive rooms, the castle also houses the reception, the restaurant and the Auberge. The Tower of TerWorm is certainly remarkable, a beautiful round room that invites you to round-table discussions or a festive family dinner. The expert kitchen staff is ready to pamper you with the best regional and seasonal products with accompanying wines.

Combine your stay with a visit to the renovated wellness area at Badhuys Terworm. The Romans used to come to Heerlen to bathe in the thermal baths, which now houses the best-preserved Roman bathhouse in the Netherlands, as can be seen in the Thermenmuseum. Heerlen, however, has a new bathhouse for hotel guests to relax. Badhuys Terworm has a heated swimming pool, an extensive modern fitness center and a brand-new wellness area. The wellness has various saunas to offer: experience a salt stone sauna (70 degrees), steam bath (48 degrees), herbal and light therapy sauna (60 degrees) or Finnish sauna (90 degrees). Our ice lounge with stalagmite ice fountain and snow shower is unique. Take a break in our attractive relaxation room with fireplace or on the outdoor terrace.

Located on a 220-ha estate, the French rococo garden has recently been planted with a Burgundian design: a large wine bottle with wine glass inlaid with thousands of tulips. Elsewhere on the estate, a total of about 60,000 flowers have been planted, both by machine and by hand. The first flowers start to bloom from February; the later species bloom until the end of June. The aim is to further increase biodiversity and food supply for butterflies and bees, in addition to the improving the appearance of the estate. Pollinators are essential for local food production, among other things. This certainly benefits the castle’s estate products!

Service and hospitality are of paramount importance at TerWorm. You will feel like a guest of the Lord and Lady, because due to its relatively small size, this Van der Valk hotel is more like a boutique hotel, with all the associated benefits.