Beautiful paintings by Grace Spiegel

Although her father was an artist, Grace Spiegel did not start a part-time course in art until she was 45. She has a large collection of Asian objects, such as porcelain in classic blue and white, antique silk kimonos and shoes, Indonesian carvings and colourful paper lanterns, which form the starting point for Grace’s inspiration. Asian women often appear in Grace’s works. For her, these women are a metaphor for beauty, serenity and timelessness. Grace finds her challenge in painting faces with a serene expression, which look just past viewer. This subject provides endless fascination for Grace

Grace likes to draw with charcoal on linen – very simple, but it is the simplicity that makes it beautiful. Her use of colours is inspired by the paint used in the objects she collects. Grace mixes her own paint to get as close as possible to the antique colours. Grace has held several exhibitions in England, Sweden, Spain and Portugal, among others.
instagram: grace_spiegel