Royal Horsepower at Het Loo Palace

On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June, the horses and carriages of the king will be on show at Paleis Het Loo. Come see and learn about the carriages, uniforms and functions of the members of the Royal Stables and watch the farrier perform his job.

Test your own horsepower
There is a lot to learn and do on the stable square for everyone. As a horse, you need strength and flexibility and you must be able to rely on each other. Test your own horsepower: how much horsepower do you have in you or, like in a team of horses, do you need others to help? Are you able to complete a course together? Do you know which uniform belongs to whom? Make the most beautiful horse braids!

Want to learn more about the history of the stables? Visit the lecture on Saturday at 11 am in the new reception room on Stable Square, by the chief curator of the royal collection

Visit the palace
Complete your day with a visit to the royal gardens, or book a palace tour. The audio stories in the palace tell the stories of Willem and Mary and their life in the 17th century, as well as about Queen Wilhelmina’s life in the palace.

Dutch Sign Language
Once a month, Paleis Het Loo organizes an NGT (Dutch Sign Language) day, interpreting all stories in NGT. On Saturday 25 June, the NGT day coincides with the Royal Horsepower event. The 11 am lecture will be interpreted in NGT. On Saturday at 2 pm, the story stage in the palace garden will also be interpreted in NGT.

Royal app
Visitors can download the Paleis Het Loo app from April 2022 and hear the audio story of the route on their own phone. Audio equipment is also available for rent. Read the stories about these routes in the app on your own smartphone or via a device that can be borrowed from the museum.

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