Armenia Day, Saturday 9 July in Drents Museum

On Saturday 9 July, the Drents Museum is organizing an Armenia Day. From 12:00 to 17:00 the museum offers various activities for families in the museum and outside on the Brink, centred on Armenian culture. The occasion is the major archeology exhibition ‘Under the spell of the Ararat – Treasures from ancient Armenia’, on view until 30 October. Enjoy Armenian music and dance performances, participate in an Armenian writing workshop, listen to a storyteller at Noah’s Ark or taste the Armenian delicacies of the Apricot restaurant. All activities are free for museum visitors (children up to 18 years old have free museum).

Ark expert Aad Peters and tree saw artists
The official opening of Noah’s Ark, which was built on the initiative of Nicolai Jr. and Maxim Romashuk of the Armenia Foundation, will take place at 12.00 on the Brink. Ark expert and entrepreneur Aad Peters talks about his own seventy-meter-long ark and why the story of Noah’s Ark is still relevant today. Sawing artists Jeroen Boersma and Dave Hamsworth have created animals from Noah’s Ark from tree trunks. A storyteller tells legendary stories about Armenia, while restaurant Apricot from Assen provides tasty Armenian snacks.

Armenian music and dance
Inside and outside the museum, there is plenty of Armenian music and dance to enjoy. The Armenian trio Ararat conducted by Vahé Hovanesian gives short concerts with Harutyun Mehrabyan on accordion and Erik Nahapetyan on dhol (Armenian drum). Youth singing group Abovian from The Hague and youth dance group Zartonq from Almelo give several shows.

Lectures and workshops
In the museum, the museum educators give short lectures for families about Armenian culture and language, the history of Christianity and Armenian myths and legends. You can also take part in a continuous Armenian writing workshop, to learn to write a little bit of Armenian. In the exhibition room, parents and children take part in a viewing assignment about the struggle of the Armenians against various world powers.

Exhibition ‘Under the spell of the Ararat’
Until 30 October 2022, the Drents Museum presents the impressive history and culture of Armenia in the international archeology exhibition ‘Under the spell of the Ararat – Treasures from ancient Armenia’. Central to the story is the mountain Ararat, more than 5,000 meters high and the national symbol of Armenia. Showing ca. 160 precious archaeological objects – many of which have never been seen in the Netherlands – the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the fascinating earliest history of Armenia. Several masterpieces from the History Museum of Armenia in Yerevan can be seen in Assen. Gold and silver jewelry and cups, weapons, earthenware pots and bronze statuettes of animals and warriors immerse you in the rich history of Armenia. One of the unique objects in the exhibition is a religious relic with a wood fragment of Noah’s Ark, which is said to have foundered on the Ararat Mountains after the flood waters subsided.