Exhibition ‘Pristine Seas’ and large-screen film ‘Secrets of the Sea’ in Museon-Omniversum

From 16 February to 30 June 2023, Museon-Omniversum in The Hague will show the National Geographic exhibition ‘Pristine Seas’ and the large-screen film ‘Secrets of the Sea’ with narrator Claudia de Breij. The exhibition and large-screen film show the breathtaking beauty and incredible diversity of the underwater world and the great importance of protecting the oceans and keeping them healthy.

National Geographic’s ‘Pristine Seas’ exhibit features impressive images of worldwide ocean conservation expeditions over the past decade. About sixty photos by Enric Sala, among others, show how the National Geographic Pristine Seas team supports indigenous peoples, local communities and governments in creating protected marine areas. Since 2008, the team has conducted 36 expeditions and helped establish 27 protected areas covering more than 6.5 million square kilometers of ocean, from tropical coral reefs to icebergs. ‘This exhibit is a testament to the Pristine Seas team’s unwavering commitment to protecting the blue heart of our planet,’ says National Geographic’s Kathryn Keane. ‘The goal is to immerse visitors in the beauty of the seas and oceans while showing why we need to preserve them.’

The 840 m² dome screen of the Museon-Omniversum transforms into a grand, exotic underwater paradise during the breathtaking large-screen film Secrets of the Sea, narrated by Claudia de Breij. The strangest and most spectacular ocean inhabitants pass by, from adorable pygmy seahorses and smart squid to manta rays, tiger sharks and a coconut octopus; all amazing marine creatures you’ve never seen before. The large-screen film by directors Jonathan Bird (‘Ancient Caves’) and Howard Hall (‘Under the Sea’, ‘Coral Reef Adventure’) was shot in the Philippines, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia, Palau, Hawaii and California, among others. Showing over seventy marine species, ‘Secrets of the Sea’ reveals the many wonders and mysteries of the oceans, and the fascinating ways in which these creatures interact with each other and their environment. Many marine animals depend on each other for survival. The film shows the crucial importance of marine biodiversity in keeping our oceans healthy.