Eleventh Amsterdam Light Festival invites you to a world of imagination

Absorbed by Light - Gali May Lucas (Copyright Richard Rigby)

From 1 December 2022 to 22 January 2023, the Amsterdam Light Festival will take place for the eleventh time. The popular winter event, one of the leading light art festivals in the world, connects all residents and visitors of the city and showcases top class light art against the backdrop of photogenic Amsterdam. The theme of the eleventh edition, with twenty inspiring works of art, is Imagine Beyond.

In its eleventh edition, Amsterdam Light Festival takes visitors into the world of imagination using the Imagine Beyond theme. The world is in motion, nothing seems obvious anymore. Imagination makes it possible to transcend the here and now, to imagine tomorrow without limits and to dream ahead. Let yourself be taken to places beyond what is known. Stare through the portals and let your imagination run wild. What do you see? Are we talking to lamps? Are there only have virtual bridges left? Does water flow up? Join us on a journey into the world of the imagination, along twenty specially selected works by national and international artists.

The Amsterdam Light Festival believes that art should be widely accessible and brought as close to people as possible, because they believe that interventions in familiar environments provide new energy and insights. By presenting light art in urban public space, it makes an impact with a broad target group: in the city and in the digital world. In this way, the festival makes a positive contribution to contemporary challenges faced by residents and visitors to the city.

Young talent is participating in new light art projects for the festival for the eighth time, with special education programs. Students from the Breitner Academy will create a new light artwork under the supervision of the festival curator and technicians. In addition, a thousand primary school students in Amsterdam are working together with Studio Toer on a work of art called Bridges of a 1000 Dreams.

The light artworks can be experienced from the streets or the water. Tickets for the boat and walking tours can be ordered via the festival website. With an audio tour onboard and a digital route map, the festival takes visitors into the theme of Imagine Beyond and the power of imagination.