The Corona gap is growing: can you improve your lifestyle?

A few weeks ago we heard about it for the first time: ‘the Corona gap’, a term that indicates the gap between people with a healthy lifestyle and those who have unhealthy habits. Of course, this gap already existed, but the crisis seems to have increased it even more.

This happened because of two opposed ways of acting during this crisis. There is one group that has taken extra care of their health during the crisis. They see this time as an opportunity to get fitter and healthier. On the other side, there is a group that prefers unhealthy food, cigarettes and alcohol to deal with the stress, and seems to have had less exercise than before. Why do we react so differently to this situation and how can small changes in your life make a huge positive impact on your daily routine?

People are creatures of habit
We are simply creatures of habits. 95% of what we do, we do unconsciously. You get up every day, you brush your teeth every day and you make a cup of coffee every day. But when someone asked you with which hand you brushed your teeth this morning, you won’t even remember. These are all things you do without thinking, because you unconsciously made it a habit. If you want to change your lifestyle, you will have to work on creating positive habits. The more positive habits you make your own, the faster you create a healthier lifestyle. Make it a habit to go for a little walk every afternoon, to start your day with a smoothie or walk a bit further to buy healthy groceries. It’s the art of repetition. Compare it to riding a bike. How many times did you fall when you were learning? Now, it’s easy: you made it a habit.

Not only congenital conditions, but also the place you grew up in, how you were raised, the environment in which you live and work, the choices you and others make, may affect your health. The environment often directly determines whether healthy behavior is possible, as it can stimulate or hinder your behavior. Although your environment is important, you can influence how you manage your environment. You may not manage to go to the gym today, but maybe you can walk instead of taking the bus to achieve your daily 10.000 steps. Are you a late-night snacker? Put your snacks in a different place and make sure there is a healthy option instead. Can’t you go to your office now and so you miss out on your daily bike ride? Take a trip after dinner and be surprised by what your neighbourhood has to offer!

The word mindset is a vague concept. You just need to have the right mindset, then it will be fine. Mindset is nothing but what you think and believe. And what you believe determines your behaviour, your prospects and your mental attitude. What do you believe about the things you feel good about? About exercising? About your work-life balance? Your relationship with food? Do you feel you can change your lifestyle? Start by setting a number of goals for today. Not big goals for the rest of your life, but simple questions like: how do I want to feel today? What can I do today to feel proud of myself? Positive thoughts create a positive mindset, and this will result in a positive lifestyle.

Do you experience difficulties in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
You’re not the only one! Many people experience these difficulties. Especially now, we see people struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today 86% of all diseases are chronic and lifestyle-driven. The certified physicians at Holland Health Clinic and our team of medical specialists are trained in functional medicine, meaning they use nutrition, stress management, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge tests to help you balance your lifestyle and prevent illnesses, which are thriving in today’s fast-paced world. Holland Health Clinic offers annual health and hormone checks and monthly health control programs. Enrich your health by knowing your health numbers and biomarkers!

Written by Maud Robeerst