I like to write articles for The Holland Times

Due to a large number of persons who like to write articles for The Holland Times and we are not willing to disappoint most of them, for now we have a stop at new contributors. You can still send an email to us if you are willing to contribute, however for the short term we will put you on a list of futured contributors. We feel sorry to say this, but we hope you understand.

The Holland Times has been written by so called ‘Contributors’. These are people who write English texts for our paper, also been published on the Internet.

The format of The Holland Times consists in the newspaper writes about things which happen in the Netherlands and their backgrounds OR subjects which are directly related to expatriates residing in the Netherlands. In principle, the publisher decides which topics are important, but there is room for suggestions.

About three weeks before the deadline, the subjects are made known to all who have registered as a contributor. You will receive an email about it, then you are asked to fill in the form and indicate which articles you want to write. General rule: first come, first served. It is therefore useful to select multiple items.

As a contributor, you get a fee of between € 25 (for a 1/4 page tip / review) to € 150 for a 2/1 page article. You will receive links to (mostly) Dutch websites where you can find information on the subject. By Google Translate you can figure out the context and write your story and perfect it Payment shall be made within three weeks after the publication of the edition in which your story is published.

Want to become a contributor? Send an email to [email protected] (please tell something about your experience in this and/or your motivation) and we will let you know if you will be added to our list of contributors.