Great demand for a lockdown with giraffes

The number of bookings for a midweek at the Safari Resort Beekse Bergen has tripled for the first week of January, compared to a year earlier. “Everyone has to work from home and take classes online from 4 January. How much more fun is it to be able to do that with giraffes and zebras at your doorstep? Thanks to good wifi, you can spend your lockdown in a holiday bungalow – entirely in accordance with the guidelines and safety standards that currently apply,” says Miriam van Riel, sales manager at Libéma, parent company of the Safari Resort, Holiday Park Beekse Bergen and Holiday Park Dierenbos. The other two parks are also seeing a significant increase in the number of bookings for this period.

The main demand comes from families with children under twelve. “Ever since there was talk of a possible extension of the Christmas holidays, we have seen the number of bookings increase,” says Van Riel. “But after the last press conference it rose even faster.” For the second week of January too, there are more bookings than usual during this period. People really need to get away from it all, but also want to do so in a safe and responsible way. Beekse Bergen offers modern bungalows on a large park with lots of space. Van Riel explains that a lot is still possible within the current guidelines, such as walking, cycling, treasure hunts, miniature golf and food deliveries. “And of course there are also the animals at our doorstep at the Safari Resort. I think this is currently the only place in the Netherlands where you can still visit giraffes, zebras, lions or ostriches.”

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