Big Ben Kids, high-quality childcare in a fun and challenging environment

Childcare provider Big Ben Kids with locations in The Hague, Wassenaar and Amstelveen, aims to be more than just childcare and has invested in the development of the organisation over the past year.

They formulated a new mission and vision. With ‘the new Big Ben Kids’, based on pedagogical quality childcare, a new era is dawning. The pedagogical vision and plans have been rewritten and revised, with a focus on quality within a fun and challenging environment. It is an organisation where parents love to bring their children, where committed employees enjoy working and where partners are keen to cooperate.

Big Ben Kids characterized the new era by a new corporate identity. An important role is reserved for the house style. Parents, staff and children all contributed to the new identity, by sharing their ideas with the organisation. Their ideas were the inspiration for the new house style. The new identity reflects joy, passion, care, community and tolerance with a more modern and contemporary look and feel.

The Big Ben Kids families are internationals and internationally minded Dutch people and their team of highly qualified childcare practitioners are also a mix of Dutch and international. Big Ben Kids understand and have experience in the challenges faced by international families in the Netherlands. They also offer its parents help with the Dutch system of childcare allowance and advice on settling in the Netherlands. They go the extra mile!

Therefore Big Ben Kids offers a home from home, and a community where magical friendships can develop within a melting pot of cultures, where children learn to be tolerant and open minded global citizens. Big Ben Kids let children discover the world around them, they challenge children to take the next step in their development and let the talents of each child flourish.

In practice this means offering stimulating and fun activities for children. Children love to play, and it is through the offer of various activities and games at Big Ben Kids that young children learn the fundamental skills to participate in society. Learning these skills form the basis for many physical activities, including games, dance, outdoor recreation and sport. It enables them to develop their creativity, communication, language and physical skills. Big Ben Kids uses the Early Years Foundations Stage framework and the cooperative learning as techniques to create the optimal learning situations for children.

They offer many different activities, but just like adults, children need regular exercise. At Big Ben Kids they make sure that children regularly participate in active and physical group activities. With these activities, free play and taking the children outdoor they ensure regular movement throughout the day. This helps them to feel more comfortable in their own skin, improve their concentration and energy levels, sleep better at night, as well as build and maintain a healthy heart, bones, muscles and joints, and most importantly, build and maintain friendships as they get older.

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