Alcohol-free Vinobox

Surprise your guests with beautiful wines, even if you don’t drink alcohol: that is the aim of Vinobox. The successful online wine concept is now launching an alcohol-free (gift) Vinobox. Ideal if you are pregnant (or want to celebrate a pregnancy), participate in Dry January this month or just don’t drink alcohol.

Modern techniques
The alcohol-free Vinobox is ideal for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy without alcohol. Although these wines naturally taste different than the alcoholic varieties, the era of “lemonade wine” is definitely behind us. Thanks to modern techniques, the original aromas of the wine are particularly well preserved, so you taste real wine, but without the alcohol. According to Flip Harmsma, founder of Vinobox: “There is more and more choice in the alcohol-free segment, but it’s hard to know which wines are really good. Our selection is tasteful and festive: perfect if you have something to celebrate.”

The ideal gift
Looking for something better than supermarket wine, but don’t have the time to search for the gems? As your personal wine advisor, Vinobox provides a box with delicious non-alcoholic wines, also available as a gift box, which you can personalize by adding a personal message. Vinobox also shares the special story behind each wine. This way you offer the recipient a complete wine experience that can’t fail to leave a great taste.

Really without alcohol?
In order to produce non-alcoholic wine, ‘real wine’ is made alcohol-free by evaporating the alcohol. Some alcohol may remain, but no more than 0.5%, the legal limit that defines non-alcoholic drinks. For comparison: the average glass of apple juice often contains more alcohol.

About Vinobox
Surprising yourself or someone else with beautiful wines that fit your taste profile (or go just a little further): that is Vinobox’s goal. Based on your own taste, you will receive a box of wine every month to make you happy. Founder Flip Harmsma: “As an independent party, we are not bound by the range of a particular importer or retail organization. The focus is really on the customer, the feeling and the right price-quality ratio of the wines.” In addition to quality, convenience and simplicity play an important role: you order online, delivery is free and the delivery time can be specified as desired. The easiest way to enjoy good wine.

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