Europese School Den Haag celebrates its first European Baccalaureate

The Europese School Den Haag (ESH) has two reasons to celebrate, not only have they just held their very first European Baccalaureate (EB) graduation ceremony, but all of their candidates passed the EB examinations to receive their diplomas, giving the young school a 100% EB success rate.

At the school’s first graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon, Director Frans van de Kerkhof said, “in just the same way that ESH is a young school, pioneering, and laying our roots for educational success, so too are these graduates. This event marks a very significant moment in their lives, and is a historic day for our school”.

After opening their doors in 2012, the school saw explosive growth, with enrolments increasing 800% in six years. The school follows the European Schools curriculum, which has a strong focus on multiculturalism and multilingualism, and is well suited to an international environment like The Hague. Nationalities of the 20 graduating students provide some insight into the diversity of ESH’s population, with graduates coming from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, UK, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria and Canada.

Delivering his address in Dutch, English, German and French, Frans van de Kerkhof told the graduates, “the European Baccalaureate diploma that you are about to receive is a very valuable key, that can be used to open the doors to your future”. Graduates have been offered places at a variety of universities, from Leiden, Erasmus and TU Delft, to King’s College London, Bristol and other universities further abroad. Chairperson of the Secondary Participation Council, Maria Aguilar, is confident that the school has prepared the graduates for university, telling them, “I truly believe that the European School has given you the values and knowledge that you will need in the future”.
The school also used the ceremony to remember History teacher, Frans Koks, who passed away earlier this year. The Frans Koks History Award was created to recognise the graduate the who achieved outstanding results in History, and was award to Noémie Faure.

ESH will keenly monitor the success of their first graduating class through their newly establish alumni network. “By using the European Baccalaureate to build the bridge between our school, international universities and the corporate world, your achievements are an example to our future students, demonstrating what ESH graduates can achieve,” Frans van de Kerkhof told the graduates.
Graduate and new Alumni member, Irena Marjanovic said, “one of the things that struck me the most about ESH from the very start were the numerous languages and nationalities mingling together in a kind of big and welcoming stirring pot”.
“ESH overall offered a very warm and understanding environment in which to pursue the most important years of my Secondary education”.

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