Love is in the air for your favourite restaurant!

Valentine’s Day, normally one of the most popular days of the year for dining out, looks very different for the hospitality industry this year. To encourage restaurant owners, chefs and waitstaff, TheFork is calling on consumers to send in a heartfelt message for the restaurant industry via a Valentine’s video message. TheFork personally delivers the video messages to the restaurants on Valentine’s Day.

The day of love is an appropriate day to put the spotlight on restaurants, the place where romance flourishes and is celebrated. Do you want to support your favourite restaurant or chef? Then send in your video message and tell them what you miss the most; the fantastic atmosphere that created the best nights out? That one dessert, the nice wine list or the fact that you are always so wonderfully pampered? Can’t choose? You can even record a heartfelt message for the entire catering industry!

You can send your message to All other information can be found here: .

Support in difficult times

TheFork team is in contact with restaurants every day. These restaurants share positive, but also sad stories during the Covid period. By calling on the Netherlands to share its sweet and heartwarming messages with the restaurants, TheFork hopes to bring the restaurant owners a little positivity and love during these difficult times.