Get a taste of your next holiday

Edition 28 December 2018

The world at your feet!

One of the greatest things of traveling the world is discovering new cultures through their local cuisine. As celebrity-chef Anthony Bourdain used to show us, through his inspiring layovers all over the world, it doesn’t even have to take long to get a good taste of a destination. It really helps to see, feel and smell local culture when selecting the next place to spend your wellearned vacation and enjoy some time with your loved ones. It’s something you simply cannot do while browsing the internet or going over brochures. Even enthusiastic stories or social media posts from friends or colleagues don’t measure up to a first-hand experience. That is why, once a year for almost 50 years now, Vakantiebeurs Utrecht offers the unique opportunity to have the whole world show up on your doorstep, to impress you with its incredible colours and flavours.

Vakantiebeurs is much more than just the largest travel exhibition in Western Europe; it’s a trip around the world in a day! A visit to Vakantiebeurs will dazzle you with inspiration and tempt you and your family to explore new frontiers. Professional travel photographers will give great pointers on how to improve your snapshots. The cooking theatres with chefs from around the globe will get your taste buds wanting to explore the destinations less travelled. The Wine around the World route (which costs only E2,50 to explore) offers the opportunity to discover seven beautiful destinations which are known the world over for their quality and diversity of wines, like South Africa, Greece, Italy and Germany. Too familiar for your liking? A well-informed and curious traveller like yourself may still be surprised by the new destinations that we welcome this year, like Georgia, Libanon or Ras al Khaimah. Meanwhile, trusted destinations like Iran, Brazil and Great Britain have all announced they’ll be putting on their best show yet, fighting for your favours. So who knows where your next holiday will take you?

Coastal destinations are a popular pick for family holidays, offering plenty to do between land and sea. They are an important theme in this year’s Vakantiebeurs programming. The latest camping trends are on full display in an adventurous ‘camping and outdoor’ zone, that further includes abseiling, sailing and kitesurfing experiences. But if you’re more the relaxed coastal camper, you’ll be happy to know there’s a cosy beachclub in this zone. Many well-known travel & tourism partners like ANWB and ACSI will gladly take their time to inform you and help you select your ideal coastal campsite.

If you feel like exploring Holland a bit more, you need not look beyond a trip to Utrecht for Vakantiebeurs. Of course you can visit the beautiful city itself, which by many connoisseurs is preferred over Amsterdam for its authenticity and openness. But the Jaarbeurs venue, which is home to the Vakantiebeurs, will also present you with an opportunity to explore The Netherlands (and Belgium) as a holiday destination. A central theme in ‘going Dutch’ is of course enjoying the pleasures of water. Kids can experience sailing with Optimist On Tour and everyone can learn to kayak within the safe confines of our indoor water facility. Are you not the wet ‘n’ wild adventurous type? Not to worry, you can sit on the waterside terrace and enjoy a drink. A trip to Vakantiebeurs feels like you’re on holiday already.

You can visit Vakantiebeurs from January 10th until January 13th at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

For tickets and information visit vakantiebeurs. nl