Vibrant West African Cuisine (book)

Edition 22 March 2018

Food Entrepreneur Ebere Akadiri publishes cookbook to fight against human trafficking in Nigeria

Vibrant West African Cuisine is more than a cookbook. Akadiri teaches readers how to easily cook wholesome Nigerian dishes, often in 20 minutes or less. Highlights include Jollof rice, meat pepper soups and bean pottage. The book ranges from cookbook to sociological expedition, with first-hand glimpses into Nigerian culture, festivities and culinary heritage through photos, stories and more. Ebere hopes to raise €135,000 for Beauty in Every Life’s “Keep Dignity Alive” initiative, which raises awareness of how slavery, trafficking and poverty steal their victims’ dignity. World Poverty Clock estimates over 40% of Nigerians live in extreme poverty. When Ebere learned of the 26 Nigerian women who drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, she felt compelled to act. Three months later she published her cookbook, using recipes and stories to dispel negative stereotypes while focusing on giving back. All proceeds from Vibrant West African Cuisine will be donated to #keepdignityalive until the financial goal is met. Funds will be used to create awareness on the lures and dangers of trafficking and to educate Nigerian young women on leadership and entrepreneurship so they can learn to lead dignified financially independent lives.

Ebere celebrates community and culture through food and encourages her readers to do the same. She sums up West African food: “Imagine the smoky smell of grilled meat, infused with garlic and ginger, or the fragrance of coriander and curry from a gently simmering stew. Even before you taste the food, the evocative aroma of spices stimulates your appetite and heightens your anticipation for what is to come.” Ebere now lives in The Hague, where she offers West African cooking classes, pop-up dinners, catering services, Ataro Spice blends and signature talks on a variety of subjects.. Ataro was founded to inspire, educate and share the beauty of West African cuisine and culture. Ataro offers avariety of West African spice blends, cooking video courses, recipes with cooking guides as well as sharing West African recipes through their website, newsletters and blog.

About Beauty in Every Life

Beauty in Every Life (BIEL) foundation was founded to help African women and children to realise their potential and achieve their dreams. BIEL was initiated out of the need to protect West African women and children from all forms of abuse, and prevent them from falling victim to depression, trafficking, child abuse, and slavery.