‘So said grandma’: timeless wisdom from African sayings

New book introduces young readers to timeless wisdom from selection of 41 African sayings

Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim’s desire is to pass wisdom from African oral traditional sayings on to young readers in a fun and educative way. This was motivated by the realization that as the gap between the old and younger generations widens, these stories will be lost if not written down. It is for this reason that she releases “So Said Grandma: Timeless wisdom from African sayings” (published by AuthorHouse UK).

“With global mobility and multicultural life, more parents are raising children far from home with cultures different from their own” Mugisha-Otim points out. “This book gives a starting point to keep them in touch with their heritage. It is increasingly important that children can develop a higher sense of identity by knowing where they come from.”

This book introduces timeless wisdom from 41 selected African sayings. Each chapter has a category of sayings with a common moral lesson ranging from love, patience, unity, discipline, courage, kindness, responsibility, focus and expected social behavior.

These sayings are written in Runyankore-Rukiga, a language also known as Runyakitara. They are translated to English and Dutch.  The book offers a good blend of colorfully illustrated stories of contemporary and ancient traditional scenarios. Reading it brings back memories of growing up in Africa.

About the Author
Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim was born and raised in Uganda but has lived in the Netherlands since 2007. As an expatriate in an intercultural marriage, she is also raising two multilingual children in The Hague. She has over 10 years’ experience working in the area of early childhood education, with children from a wide range of international communities in the Netherlands. She has experienced firsthand, the benefits and challenges of raising multilicultural children also commonly referred to as Third Culture Kids (TCKs).